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What termite treatment is most effective? 

Termites cause an estimated 40 billion dollars in damage annually. This staggering threat to structures, lumber, and agriculture warrants a thorough look into what termite treatment is most effective. Each situation is going to be slightly different, but the best tools are: 

Termites inside their nest
  • Inspection
  • Preventive treatments
  • Liquid barrier treatments
  • Termite baiting systems
  • Dust applications
  • Fumigation 
  • Humidity monitoring and controls

Keep in mind that differences in prices on the same type of treatment may indicate different levels of quality. It is good to find out specifics such as how much product and what depths will be covered. Additionally, convenience factors such as how invasive the treatment will be and how long vacancy will be required are important considerations. 

What are the signs of a termite infestation? 

Termite mud tube remnants

Knowing whether you need to be in inspection, prevention, or eradication mode depends on the signs of termites present such as: 

  • Alates – (winged reproductive termites)
  • Mud tubes
  • Damaged wood
  • Fecal pellets and other termite grass
  • Elevated humidity levels
  • Increased heat signatures in a wall void
  • State and local statistics on termite populations and threat levels

Swarming termites do not mean you have an infestation in your structure. It just means they are a threat in the area. It just takes one impregnated termite in the right habitat to infest. 

Termite nest along a hiking trail

What are the different types of termite treatments

Many people are familiar with tenting and fumigation of structures for termites, but there are several other options such as liquid barrier treatments, spot treatments including void treatments, baiting systems, environmental controls, and manual removal. What termite treatment is most effective depends on the population level and particulars of the situation. They all have their advantages and limitations. 

How do you know which treatment is best for your home

Selecting from the possible list of tools depends on the following factors: 

  • construction style of home
  • Surrounding landscaping
  • What surrounds the property
  • Cost considerations
  • Size of termite population
  • Available methods – in some cases, there may only be certain professional treatment options available 

For years, liquid or fumigation were considered the most effective termite treatments, but baiting has joined the ranks on equal footing and become the preferred method in many situations. A professional consultation is the best tool for determining which termite treatment is most effective for your personal situation. Experienced termite companies rely on years of market research and development as well as lessons learned from field applications and observations to make the best, most effective recommendations. 

What are the costs of termite treatment? 

Costs of termite treatment will vary along the following factors: 

  • Type of termite (subterranean, Formosa, dry wood)
  • Construction style of home
  • Complexity of job
  • Treatment type
  • Size of area to be treated
  • Market trends 

With all of the above factors, prices will typically fall between $3 & $16 per linear foot for termite treatment. The average cost for termite repairs and treatments on an individual basis lands around $3,000. 

What are some of the needed precautions for a termite infestation?

Since termites are not a direct threat to humans, the safety precautions are as follows: 

  • structural integrity – be aware of the potential harms caused by weakened structures
  • Chemical safety – follow laws, labels, and professional recommendations for the type of treatment selected to protect people, pets, neighbors, and the surrounding environment. This may include personal protective equipment or waiting to re-enter a structure
  • Economic safety – keeping costs down for termites require regular inspections, responsible treatments, and regular follow up
Termites – an inside view

Bringing it all together

Which treatment is most effective may largely depend on what your individual goals are. Each section above could be expanded into it’s own short story. Termites are complex creatures that have evolved to effectively destroy valuable parts of our lives. Set up a consultation with a trusted termite company to find out what options are available to you. The termite consultant will then help you select which is best for your situation. Rove Pest Control keeps a database of trusted termite specialists across the country to simplify your termite treatment selection process.