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Boston Ant Control

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Interior Service

Ants are one of the most numerous and well known pests world wide. Unfortunately, the Boston Metro is not exempt. Whether you are looking to enjoy a picnic in your backyard, in Hopkinton State Park, or drop a piece of candy tailgating outside of Gillette field, you are likely to encounter some ants. Regardless of how plentiful they may be throughout Massachusetts, we can keep your home and yard protected.


To most people, an ant is an ant, but at Rove, we understand that each type of ant requires a special prescription to achieve the desired results. Our expert technicians will identify which type of ant is trying to set up shop on your property. Knowing the type of ant not only tells us where and how to inspect and treat, but it also tells us what kind of threat these ants pose.

Carpenter ants and acrobat ants are going to go after the wood while little black ants are going for the food in your cupboards. Field ants and Alleghany ants will target the yard and may decorate it with obvious mounds. Pavement ants will be drawn to slabs, driveways, garages, etc. Knowing your threat helps us accelerate the treatment and increase the effectiveness of the battle.


After we gather information on the ant or ants you want to focus on, the game plan begins. Ants will change what they feed on throughout the year depending on what the colony is focusing on that time of year. Understanding these cycles along with the different types of ants paints a picture of which baits should be used when and where along with the location and timing of crack and crevice sprays, barrier sprays, and dust applications.


Depending on species and time of year, ants may be looking for quick energy via sugars, long-term energy from carbohydrates, or the building blocks of proteins. Some ants may get their sugars from aphid populations while others may raid your cupboard. Our ant baiting systems help deliver the supply of what the ants are seeking along with a helpful self destruct agent that will make its way within the colony and reduce those populations from the inside out.


Ant populations may be in the tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, or millions. Understanding where we are at in the control process along with the type of ant will help direct how and when we apply different types of spray applications. Some areas may need a barrier set up that will either repel or wipe out ants that come across it. Other situations will benefit from a slow-acting, non detectible product that can hitch a ride from one ant to the other and transfer throughout the colony via trophalaxis and simple traffic contact.


Whether it is carpenter ants tunneling through the wood or little black ants taking tiny voids as highways throughout your home, dusts can be a helpful tool in ant control reaching areas that other products cannot reach. Our technicians will work with this tool when applicable and select the type of dust that best suits the situation.


Ant control can be complex with sprays affecting bait functionality and each element of the control process needing to stay tuned in to the current status of the ant colony. Rove keeps it simple by doing all of the thinking and strategizing for you. Our treatments will keep working for months at a time and our guarantee allows you to call us out if they start to shift their strategy before our next visit.

We are so confident in our service that we guarantee it! If a customer is dissatisfied with their service, we will return at no charge.



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About Rove Pest Control

At Rove Pest Control, we take pride in serving customers and creating long-term relationships with both residential and commercial clients. Whether your home is near the North End or Worcester, built 200 years ago or 2, our residential services are customizable to the specific needs of your home.