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Boston Cockroach Control

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Whatever the weather in Boston, there is nothing like sharing a nice, warm bowl of Clam Chowder…unless that someone is a sneaky cockroach coming out from behind the stove. Roaches are found throughout the world, but are typically perceived as southern state pests. Unfortunately, whether living in a home, renting an apartment, or running a restaurant anywhere from Beacon Hill to Leominster, you have the possibility of running into a cockroach population.


The most common species that will be found throughout the Boston Metro area are the German Cockroach and the brown banded cockroach. Both of these types of cockroaches are very resilient and quick to reproduce. They can spread quickly, but the good news is a targeted approach by an expert at Rove Pest Control can return your life to a normal cockroach free status.


The German and Brown Banded roaches do not like to be out in the open. Their thigmotropic nature makes them gravitate to tight enclose spaces such as wall voids, small spaces under and throughout ovens, stovetops, vent systems and refrigerators. These places are especially attractive if they are consistently warm and humid and have direct or quick access to crumbs or bits of grease.


Roaches love greasy substances for food but can survive just as well on any type of crumb or food bit. They don’t need much to survive and may find adequate sustenance on the little bit of grease that collects on the filter in over-stove vent systems. Using a degreaser when cleaning and being sure to move appliances to ensure complete food source removal will help further the cockroach control efforts.


Water is the essential element of life and this holds just as true for roaches. The cockroach prefers a moist and humid environment, but can survive just as well in drier situations with adequate access to a water source. This water is typically easy to access just below the drains in the p-traps, as condensation around pipes inside of walls, and in leaky plumbing and appliances.


Treatment for cockroaches involves a combination of factors. Sanitation is key to maximizing any other efforts such as residual sprays, baits, and growth regulators. Sprays work by sticking to the cockroaches as they run across barriers and crack and crevice application. Baits work by mimicking preferred food sources which the roaches can easily feed on to their demise. Growth regulators interrupt the normal growth and development of adolescent roaches.


One of the keys for identification and monitoring the cockroach population is the use of glue boards. These can be placed under appliances, between appliances and walls, or in any other small space where roaches may traffic. As the roaches run across them, they get stuck in their tracks and can provide clues to the technician such as what type or types of roaches are in play, what stage of cockroach is venturing out from the safety of shelter, and to what extent growth regulators are affecting the adolescents of the population.

Cockroaches should be addressed at their first sign before they get a chance to spread germs throughout the structure, but the good news is Rove has a guaranteed plan to get them knocked out.

We are so confident in our service that we guarantee it! If a customer is dissatisfied with their service, we will return at no charge.



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