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Boston Spider Control

Catered to your specific needs

Interior Service

Spiders love water, food, and dark places to hide and hunt for food. Luckily for Massachusetts based spider populations, the Boston area has loads of suitable habitat for setting up shop. With lakes and rivers of plenty, spiders can find a happy home in the newest homes outside of the 495 loop or the homes built hundreds of years ago with cellars and trap door basements. Fortunately, the expert technicians at Rove Pest Control have the secrets to stopping those spiders’ success


One of the keys to starting a successful spider program is understanding which culprit (or culprits) are needing to be addressed. While all spiders are venomous, not all are a threat to people. Understanding the threat they pose to you, your family and your pets is key to peace of mind during the control process.

In addition to understanding the threat, it is helpful to know if the spider is mostly an outdoor creature, or if it prefers to find its way inside of your residence. Some are web builders and others are hunters which require different control strategies. Regardless of which varieties you may encounter inside or outside of your home, we have the answer to stopping them.

Habitat Alteration

Once we know what spiders are looking to startle you, we can provide specific recommendations for simple habitat alterations that can be done to speed up the control process. Sometimes some ventilation or dehumidification can help reduce the spider situation quickly. In other situations, it may be either the addition, reduction, or changing type of light in an area to make the parts of the home acting as a spider magnet be less hospitable to the unwanted arachnids.

Food Reduction

These 8-legged crawlers are all about eating and eating well. While this can be a positive thing knowing that they are eating other pests, most people realize that the quantity of other pests consumed is rather small compared to other bug populations. Even the non-threatening, beneficial spiders can cause more disturbance to structural aesthetics than they are worth.

As we begin and establish control of spiders, we focus on reducing the other insect populations that are feeding the current spider population and inviting others to join the smorgasbord. Through crack and crevice, barrier, and broadcast yard applications, reduction of spider food makes a huge difference on the long-term control of spiders.

Direct Spider Control

Many people struggle to affect spider populations with most available sprays because of a spiders ability to walk through strong products unscathed thanks to their armored legs. In order for products to be effective against arachnids, they need to be applied in a manner that will reach the spider’s abdomen. Our crack and crevice and void treatments are the specialty tool that accelerate the spider control and enable higher levels of effectiveness.

Web Removal

At Rove, we don’t just work on reducing the population of web builders, but we also offer web removal services. Our extension poles and web heads can remove webbing that is unsightly and often in hard to reach places. Spiders can rebuild webs quickly, but over time as webs are removed and populations are reduced, the number of webs can go down continuously.

Rove Knows Spider Control
and Spider Prevention

Whether it is as a new home is available or at the point where we have established the desire level of arachnid control for you, we offer spider prevention services which aim at targeting incoming spiders directly as well as warding off general bug populations that would otherwise draw in more spiders for a feeding.

Call us today to find out how we can customize a spider plan to your home and/or yard.

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At Rove Pest Control, we take pride in serving customers and creating long-term relationships with both residential and commercial clients. Whether your home is near the North End or Worcester, built 200 years ago or 2, our residential services are customizable to the specific needs of your home.