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Boston Wasp Control

Catered to your specific needs

Interior Service

You are going to expect wasps to be anxiously interfering with the fun whenever you head to Ashland State Park for a cookout outing, but you don’t want to have to deal with these pests in your own back yard and especially not inside of your home.


There are many types of wasps and each one has slightly different biological nuances that play into the decision making process of how to most effectively get rid of them. As our technicians inspect your home for current wasp activity, they are able to use the type of wasp as a clue to where their home base and the root of the issue may be found. Seeing one of the culprits will help Rove know whether to search the bushes and trees, the voids of the home and landscape, or protected overhangs.

Food Reduction

Wasps are predatory insects and tend to build their nests where they will be sheltered, have access to water, and have constant access to food. As adult wasps hunt for protein food sources which they can bring back to the developing wasp larva at the nest in exchange for their sweet excretions. Having a general insect control plan in place especially around the perimeter of the home is a helpful piece to long-term wasp control.

Population Reduction

Along with the general insect population disruption, your Rove Pest Control technician will target the wasps directly by applying product to the areas that wasps frequent for activities such as hunting, nest building, and gathering nesting materials. As an aerial pest, it takes some time for them to come in contact with the product, but the products Rove uses for wasp control have continuing residual effects to keep up with wasps trying to fly into the yard weeks after a visit.

Nest Removal

Rove technicians have extension poles to assist in the removal of wasp nests around the yard and landscaping. Once the nest has been neutralized, the technician will remove nests that are within reach of the removal equipment.


Keeping an active barrier down and staying ahead of nest building are some of the best tools for keeping wasps out of the yard. In addition to this, your technician may have some additional insights on things you can do to aid in the control process such as keeping pet food contained and maintaining trim, railing and decks.

A key part of wasp control is preventing them from going inside of the home. Certain wasps look for voids around the home they can go into for preferred shelter. In these situations, it is imperative to solve the wasp issue before blocking the void. In addition, even applying too strong of a product can push the population into the home through a new found or created escape route.

Rove Persistence

The key to wasp control is to be as persistent as they are. Some homes are close to large populations that may take time to work through. Our commitment to you is to return and adjust treatment as necessary to keep them from having a chance to reestablish their home base on your property.

We are so confident in our service that we guarantee it! If a customer is dissatisfied with their service, we will return at no charge.



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About Rove Pest Control

At Rove Pest Control, we take pride in serving customers and creating long-term relationships with both residential and commercial clients. Whether your home is near the North End or Worcester, built 200 years ago or 2, our residential services are customizable to the specific needs of your home.