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What Opportunities Are You Giving To Holiday Mice?

Mice…everyone’s least favorite house guest. Once they get into a home, build nests, and start to reproduce, they can become an issue very quickly. They definitely try to get into homes more in the colder months (honestly, who can blame them?), and during the holidays they seem to have many more opportunities to do so. The question is, during this festive season, what opportunities are you giving to holiday mice?

More Opportunities

Aside from being able to squeeze into holes as small as a dime, mice can also get into homes the same way we do, by walking through the door. I have lost count of how many homes and businesses have been scouring the inside and outside for any last crack, crevice, or hole to seal up, but completely miss the front (or back) door.

The holiday season gives mice more opportunities to sneak in due to doors being open more often than usual. Guests coming in and out, packages being delivered, propping a door open to quickly sneak in some presents, are just a few examples of these opportunities. It’s a good idea to keep an eye on this and keep doors shut as often and quickly as possible.

Delicious Eats

The holiday season always features lots of delicious food and treats that are enjoyable for people, but also can attract hungry mice.

Mice love gingerbread houses as much as we do

Remember that mice only need about 160 calories a day, so even the few crumbs that drop between the couch cushions or between the fridge and cabinets is all they need to stay fat and happy.

During holiday gatherings, large amounts of food are often left out for long periods of time, and with their keen sense of smell, this can attract mice from outside. This is especially true with holiday baked goods. Those smells seem to be strong enough to attract unwanted family members from hundreds of miles away, so the unwanted mice just yards away are quick to answer the call. It’s a good idea to keep food out for the shortest amount of time as possible to lower the chance of attracting mice.

Be Prepared

The best way to avoid a mouse invasion is to have a pest management plan in place. The experts at Rove Pest Control can devise a plan to quickly get rid of any mice that may be in your home currently, as well as sealing potential entry points around the exterior so you can avoid those sneaky mice making your home, their home! Call today to find out what you can to do stay ahead of the mice and keep the opportunities you are giving to mice minimized.