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How Do Mice Bond?

Love is often classified as a mystery with regard to its functionality, but is it really? Maybe we have all of the evidence and answers we need to understand it. Perhaps we can get answers from mice. Wait, what?! What can mice teach us about love?

The Study

A recent study showed that a bond could be created between two mice that were zapped with synchronized signals. Researchers at Northwestern University have been able to create social programming in mice with synchronized light beams. Even more interesting is they were able to deprogram the mice in real-time as well.

The Dance of Life

All life hinges on continued reproduction. As humans, dancing has been a way of synchronizing the bodies of individuals to find those that best fit. Spiders and other creatures have also relied on body movements to create the bonds necessary for reproduction. While I am not envisioning a pair of mice engaging in the Tango, they also have their own physical dance they engage in.

Mice use their whiskers to feel their environment and memorize it kinesthetically as they move about. This makes them very efficient at moving from one space to another. Exact patterns and routines allow them to feed, mate, and protect themselves without the lull of thought.

Synchronistic Communication

Tying in the synchronizing light in mice may indicate the power of disco balls at dances, but also illustrates the bonds that are created among individuals and even groups through communication. When we share stories with each other, our brains have been shown to sync up even to the degree that an intent listener is ahead of the storyteller in anticipation and filling in gaps.

When it comes to mice, their lives are inherently bonded to ours. We are not going to be finding mouse free lives any time in the near future, so the best we can do is anticipate their behavior and minimize our bonding with them through:

Cute little brown mouse snacking on a large cookie.

The Scientists

I’m pretty sure if I started shining lights in the eyes of a pair of mice, they would just run away and know to avoid the crazy giant guy in the future. It takes specialized scientists to nail down this level of results and learning. When it comes to controlling mice, it is much the same. We see many frustrated attempts at rodent control from homeowners and business folk alike. When it comes to stopping the rodents, it is best to call in the studied rodent experts at Rove Pest Control. Call today and get a customized plan for your home and yard.