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Roaches of the Rich & Famous

Cockroaches. We are fine accepting them as a part of Hollywood storylines. We are ok knowing that people who live next to roach perpetuators experience cockroach sightings. What happens when we see a roach in our nice, well-kept home? Who do these roaches think they are? Just as there are roaches that are tied to the above lifestyle description, there are also roaches of the rich and famous.

Roaches That Like It Fancy

Realistically, any cockroach is able to end up living in the nicest of homes. If there is a food source and adequate climate conditions, they will survive. The better the conditions, the more they will thrive. Despite this, there are three roaches in particular that are just as likely to be found in a mansion as another place (and in some cases, more likely):

  • Australian Cockroach
  • Woods Roach
  • Oriental Cockroach

Each of these roaches would have a slightly different reason for being there, so let’s explore each one.

Australian Cockroach

Australian Roach Nymph

Middle instar stage of the Australian Cockroach

The first in the roaches of the rich and famous lineup is the Australian Cockroach. Australian cockroaches are not a structure infesting cockroach unless we are talking about a greenhouse situation. Australian roaches are typically found in soil around plants and come inside on potted plants or by pure accident. Depending on where they are found, they were likely outside, came inside by accident, or came from a potted plant inside. In some cases, their egg case (ootheca) may be in some soil that is brought inside. One of these could release 16-24 confused roaches wondering where to find some living space. They would simply be trying to get outside and hang out in your lush garden or landscape.

Woods Roach

As the name implies, these roaches like to hang out in wooded areas. Since many of the rich and famous like a little bit of space, cover, and nature, it would not be all that surprising to know these roaches are hanging out around the outside of your home or property. The kicker on these roaches besides being non-discriminatory to wealth is they are attracted to light. If you have issues with them rolling in toward your home, simply adjust the timing and types of lights and life should be back on track for normalcy.

Oriental Roach

This roach is so accustomed to being a roach of the rich and famous that it has earned its own nickname. People (rich and poor and everything in between) like to create narratives that let them live outside of the roach world. Because of this, they are typically referred to as water bugs. The name is not accurate as there is an actual water bug that is not even closely related to the Oriental roach, but it is descriptive. These roaches like damp areas with decaying matter they can feed on. They are very likely to live in sewer systems and come up into homes through drainage systems. Proper exclusion can be the best defense against the Oriental roach.

The Payoff

Roaches are not fun to have around regardless of how natural they are. It is quite rewarding to knowing they are gone and not coming back. Whether you have dealt with roaches in the past, have no clue what insect you are dealing with, or want to avoid any instances in the future, we have the team to help. The crawling insect crew at Rove Pest Control has the peace of mind payoff ready to go for you with a customized plan for your particular needs.