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How Will Your Yuletide Glow?

When I think of the phrase yuletide glow, I think of a warm fireplace at grandpa’s house waiting for the pecan pie to be cut. Unfortunately, there are many other reasons people are motivated to use fire this time of year. Unfortunately, they are related to unwanted holiday visitors. As we roll into the holiday season this year how will your yuletide glow?

Burning Bed Bugs

You probably saw the article of the poor gal who burned herself severely trying to torch the bed bugs out of her place. Sure, heat is a great tool for bed bug control, but it should always be secondary to preventive measures. More importantly, it must be a controlled heat. Even a blazing fire is going to send the bed bugs scurrying for safety.

Many people travel for the holidays. Make sure to keep bed bugs on the back of the mind. These little critters are master hitchhikers and hardy foes to eliminate.

Crackling Cockroaches

I’ve heard that cockroaches can be delectable. I personally haven’t tried them, but am a fan of crickets and mealworms cooked up just right. If you do decide to cook up some cockroaches, make sure it is for pure enjoyment and not because you are fed up with them scurrying about at night.

Cockroaches can invade homes off of shipped-in goods, certain higher-risk food purchases, or simply come on over from a neighbor. With the extra shipping this year, make sure to keep an eye on these guys and keep your home free of grease and other food roaches would love to feed on.

Roasting Rodents

With family coming over to visit, rodents are the last thing you want to have to deal with. Unfortunately, this is just the time with so much more traffic in and out from packages and people that rodents are likely to infiltrate your place. Rodents are constant chewers and will chew on anything they feel like. Sometimes this can be your wiring. While most of us wouldn’t mind snickering at the thought of a mouse frying itself on our hot current wires in our home, none of us want to deal with the repairs that come after that not to mention simply having to clean up rodent droppings that inherently accompany their presence.

Rodents such as mice are quite active during the winter and changing temperatures can change access points around the home and business. A thorough inspection this time of year will help identify vulnerable spots to take care of before they invite themselves in for some egg nog.

Cute little brown mouse snacking on a large cookie.

For Every Pest…

Honestly, just about every pest has some role it plays this time of year. The good news is that you don’t have to have this on your list of holiday worries this year. The pest experts at Rove Pest Control have the skills, knowledge, tools, and time to take care of these unwanted creatures for you. Just give us a call and we will custom match a plan to your needs. Have a wonderful holiday season and a marvelous new year!