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How to Repel Mice from an RV

If you own a recreational vehicle, it is important to know how to repel mice from an RV. Here are the top 3 ways to repel them as well as a few bonus tips:

  1. Reduce Attractiveness
  2. Exclusion
  3. Predation

Reduce Attractiveness

In considering how to repel mice from an RV, it is actually passive repellant efforts that can be the most successful. This refers to the simple act of ensuring a very thorough cleaning of all of the food and crumbs out of the cracks and crevices. When mice find their way inside of the RV, if there is no food, they won’t be staying long.


Knowing how to repel mice from an RV isn’t much different from repelling a human – lock the doors. Of course, what a mouse sees as a door is much smaller than what humans think of, but the principle is the same. Mice need about a 1/4 inch gap to gain entry. Check for gaps especially around doors and windows where frequent use may wear out weather stripping and seals.


When you know the RV will rest for a while out of use, it helps to have an animal that likes to eat mice stand guard. Animals that are good at gobbling up or scaring away mice that people keep around homes include:

  • Felines
  • Canines
  • Avians – Chickens may be the easiest to keep in a defined area

Bonus Efforts

  • Chemical repellants – There are plenty of products at hardware stores labeled for mice repellency. Keep in mind that the effectiveness is going to vary from situation to situation and year to year. So, it is important to rely on this as a secondary effort.
  • Ammonia – Mice have shown a dislike for ammonia, so including ammonia based products in your cleaning arsenal before putting the RV into storage can increase the effectiveness of ensuring the RV is food free and easy access points have been blocked off.
  • Peppermint – Certain studies have shown peppermint to bother mice enough to keep them away if there isn’t a stronger something drawing them in.
  • Fabric softener sheets – Dryer sheets have shown an ability to keep mice away from certain situations.

Despite your best efforts, mice still may find there way into your RV or places that you would rather not encounter a mouse. The rodent experts at Rove Pest Control can bail you out of a mouse situation as efficiently as possible.