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How to get roaches out of appliances

For as large as they are, it is surprising how small the spaces are that roaches can infiltrate. Knowing that they can get into appliances is one thing, but it is more important to know how to get roaches out of appliances.

Why roaches even like appliances

If given the choice, most people would not choose to live in a hard, cramped, overly warm space, but roaches are not people. Roaches love to feel cramped. They prefer situations that provide pressure on 3 sides of their body at once. This is known as being thigmotropic.

Next, roaches like to be warm. Different roach species have varying desired temperature and humidity levels, but warm and humid is the common theme among structural roaches.

Most importantly, Roaches like to eat. They are much like humans in that way. We like to socialize and eat just as much, however, roaches are much less picky about their foods. They will eat old stale crumbs, food out of a drain, food out of a garbage, etc. If you think about suspended microwaves, they tend to collect sticky and oily substances much like the underside of a cabinet. Ovens, fridges, and countertop microwaves are great at capturing small bits of food and grease that end up in very hard to clean areas. This quickly accumulates to roach feeding heaven.

Let’s not forget roach’s don’t like being smashed. I guess humans don’t like it so much either. It doesn’t take long for a roach to figure out that hiding in an appliance keeps it safe from the underside of your boots.

How to get roaches out of appliances – change the environment

Since we know roaches are going into appliances for cover, we can change that desirable environment into a less desirable one. Many of these spaces have screens, splash guards, or aesthetic only pieces that provide coverage and shelter. Removing the non-essential pieces during the process of roach eradication will accelerate the removal.

You can also significantly impact the environment and tip the hand in your favor by adding glue boards to the narrow openings. You will be pleasantly surprised at the number of roaches (including ootheca) that will get trapped on there. The glue board is not the magic, end-all solution, but every roach removed is a step in the right direction.

How to get roaches out of appliances – starve them out

Easier said than done in some situations, but getting rid of all the food crumbs, bits, and greasy/oily collections is crucial to controlling roaches and getting them out of appliances. You may have to shake and tilt some appliances to get the crumbs to fall where you can reach and remove them. You will likely have to use some warm water and some soap to get the grease off of some areas. The more you get out, the fewer roaches can subsist happily within. It is worth sticking into it and being thorough because roaches simply do not require much food to survive.

How to get roaches out of appliances – lure them out

There are many wonderful cockroach baits on the market. They are available as granules, liquids, gels, and powders. Pick one and see if it works. If it doesn’t, clean up the bait and try a different one. It is not a good idea to just leave bait to age for long periods of time. If it isn’t consumed in a few weeks, it is probably time to remove it and take a different approach (either new bait or new method).

Keep in mind that baits are only effective if the roaches want or need more food. If they are contented on piles of grease and bread crumbs, they will have no motivation to go try this newly introduced bait. Luring them out always has to come after the removal of food.

How to get roaches out of appliances – replace the appliance

We want to minimize the economic impact of any roach, but there are certain appliances that are just too much of a hassle to get to a roach free state. Especially if time is of the essence, discarding certain things may be the best route.

How to get roaches out of appliances – residual pesticide

As a multi-tool approach to controlling roaches, it is oftentimes necessary to utilize a chemical approach to killing off the roaches. You will want to be careful with the application of these because:

  • 1. Shooting things into appliances can be dangerous for the electronic components. Just treating the cracks and crevices around problem areas will suffice in most instances.
  • 2. It is important to keep surfaces that will be contacting food free from residual. You do not want to contaminate the people along with the roaches.

How to get roaches out of appliances – consult an expert

The roach experts at Rove Pest Control understand how roaches work. They can advise you and guide you on the most efficient route for ridding a place of roaches. Don’t wait and allow the roach population to rise; contact Rove and get the roach eradication party started today.