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How Does Pest Control Relate to Sustainability?

Pest control may have some goofy cartoons and funny movies made about it, but it involves much more than just killing things. Pest control involves restoring harmony in out-of-balance mini habitats. It also involves a central focus on health. What about the environment? How does pest control relate to sustainability?

Restoring Harmony

Homeowners and businesses are constantly bombarded with a myriad of decisions that affect the environment. In most cases, the decision makers cannot hold all of the information necessary to understand all of the intended and unintended consequences of a decision. These decisions may include:

The list could go on and on, but every decision made either actively or passively is going to have an impact on wildlife as small as a springtail or as large as a rodent. At Rove Pest Control, we work with home and business owners to keep things in balance before pests get the chance to explode onto the scene.

Maintaining Health

Many pests such as ticks and mosquitoes threaten the health and well being of individuals as well as the public on a more macro scale. Additionally, pests refer to living organisms that have entered an area either by the presence or population growth that is causing harm to another part of the environment. Rove Pest Control works to establish and maintain health on all 3 of these fronts.

2022 Sustainability Award

Best Company recognized Rove Pest Control’s efforts in the realm of sustainability. We were excited to receive the award and share it with our customers and team members. Help us extend the positive impacts we are having on the environment by sharing our referral discount with your friends and family… (you get a discount and they do too!). This helps us create greater efficiencies that will have even more positive impacts on the beautiful worlds around us.