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EEE and mosquitoes

Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE) is typically a rare cause of brain infections, but it has been on the rise this year especially in Massachusetts. EEE and mosquitoes go hand in hand. Here is what you need to know. mosquito removal

Why is EEE on the rise? 

EEE is carried from birds to people though mosquito bites.

Which mosquitoes are vectors of EEE? 

Aedes and Culix mosquitoes are transmit EEE. 

How do I protect myself from EEE? 

Avoid EEE by avoiding mosquito bites. Avoid mosquito bites by
  •  Wear protective clothing
  • Use mosquito netting – This is especially helpful for strollers and baby carriers
  • Use a registered insect repellant – see the EPA’s search tool to find the best one for you
  • Avoid being outside at times when AEDES and Culix are most active – Aedes typically feed a couple hours after sunrise and a couple hours before sunset. Culix bite at dusk and after dark
  • Reduce mosquito populations in your yard

How do I reduce mosquito populations in my yard?

Mosquitoes need water to reproduce. Anything that collects water such as tree holes, bottle caps, tires, toys, and even places in the yard where water puddles can be mosquito breeding grounds. Therefore, regularly inspecting your yard for and eliminating areas where water collects will greatly reduce mosquito populations.

Can my yard be treated for mosquitoes?

Yes, Rove Pest Control offers mosquito control services. Learn more about our mosquito services or get a free estimate here.