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Do Roaches Come out During the Day?

You flip on the lights for a midnight snack and catch the hint of something scurrying out of sight. This is the scenario we know best for cockroaches, but is this always the case? Do roaches come out during the day?

German Cockroaches  & Daytime

German Cockroaches are the most common type of roach in the world and can be found all over the United States. They are a very durable, fast-reproducing pest. They prefer warm and humid environments, close to food and water sources. They can become a big problem in a short period of time under the right circumstances. It is in these situations – the large populations when they will venture out into the light. This occurs as population pressure increases and roaches have to venture further out of their comfort zones.

Expert Hitchhikers

The most common way German Roaches get into a home or apartment is by catching a ride in grocery bags, boxes, or furniture. Once in, they reproduce at very high rates, with a female laying egg cases containing up to 50 eggs. They have 3 life cycles – egg, nymph, and adult with the full cycle lasting approximately 100 days.

If You Feed Them, They Will Stay

cockroach scurrying to cover of table leg
cockroach scurrying to cover of table leg

Cleanliness is a key factor in keeping German Roaches at bay. They don’t need to eat much to survive, and if food is left out for them, they’ll continue to survive and thrive. The picture here shows a German Roach nymph with plenty of food crumbs to feed on. If you end up with German Roaches in your home there are 2 primary ways to get rid of them:

  1. Keeping the home very clean, not leaving any food out for them, and
  2. Getting a professional pest control company to get rid of the ones that are residing there.

We Can Help

The professionals at Rove Pest Control can devise a plan to eradicate the German Roaches in your home by utilizing multiple products to flush them out of hiding places, kill them, as well as using growth regulators to disrupt their reproductive cycle. Even if you only see one roach, it is strongly advised to get a treatment plan for them before they get a stronghold, or worse: out of control.