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Are Jumping Spiders Dangerous?

Some spiders are inherently scary because of their size, but what about the small, erratic movers?Are jumping spiders dangerous?

Are jumping spiders dangerous to humans?

This is the most important question to us human folk and the simple answer is no. While they are capable of biting, they are highly unlikely to do so. If they were to bite someone, their bite would be similar to that of a bee sting and the venom is usually not dangerous to humans.

Despite this their cuteness does not tend to stop people from being startled with the way they move. They are active hunters and move in short, quick, erratic hops and jumps. They are capable of larger jumps, but most of their motion is short and quick.

The pronounced eyes of jumping spiders are deemed cute by some and fearsome in others.

Are jumping spiders dangerous to insects?

As active hunters, jumping spiders are dangerous to most insects. This is a positive point for most people as they help reduce unwanted insect populations. Keep in mind, they don’t know or care what is a good or bad insect. Interestingly, even insects that are considered a pest in one situation are beneficial in another. Regardless of position or status, jumping spiders are indiscriminate and equal opportunity eaters.

Are jumping spiders dangerous to each other?

It is not uncommon for the female jumping spider to eat the male after their courting and reproductive process. Males must be seductive with their spidery dance and quick after their delivery to continue their role.

We mostly deal with the daring jumper and the zebra jumping spiders. While they have entertaining courtship dances, their relative the Peacock jumping spider has a touch more flare.

What to do about jumping spiders

Jumping spiders may be active all year round inside of heated buildings. If overwintering, they may do it as an adult, immature spider, or egg.

In most cases, just understanding that they are likely passing through may be enough and they will move on. In cases where they are causing issues, a crack and crevice treatment for the inside and a barrier treatment for the outside should do the trick.

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